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July 6, 2013
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“B-Bodil? Hey man. Come out this is getting old.”

Ryan called out. He was expecting Bodil to call back with something like ‘Trolololol I don’t think so Triple.’ But when there was no answer, Ryan continued down the hall, in search of the Troll King. The was a loud bang, making Ryan jump. “B-Bodil?” Ryan whispered. He felt something cold grab his ankle and yank on it. He fell to the ground, is eyes wide in fear. Ryan screamed and clawed at the carpet, desperate to escape the beast pulling him into the darkness. He closed his eyes when he was pulled into the dark room. Ryan felt something being stabbed into his arm. He screamed in pain and passed out. Glowing red eyes shined in the dark. The figure stepped out of the dark and into the dimly lit room. His red and yellow tie was undone and draped around his neck, black jacket opened revealing multiple scratches and blood stains. The figure pulled out a piece of paper, grinning at the other names. “Soon I will have all the victims that Master wants.” He said in a way too familiar voice. He looked up, and the light shines on the bloody, crazy eyed face, of Bodil40.

((A/N Here’s a sneak peek at the list))










Chapter 1

Rising Bodil666

Bodil’s POV

“Come on guys. Pick up the pace!” I called back to my friends. Today we’re doing a small parkour map I had made in my spare time. Jumping to platform to platform, I was breezing through. I stopped and waited for my friends. Sky, Ryan, and Ghost were making their way to me.  I stifled a laugh as Sky fell yet again, only to teleport back up to Ryan. I jumped down off the platform and ran to the pressure plate. “Hurry up you guys! I’ll be in the next room!” I called back to them. I stepped onto the pressure plate and was instantly whisked away into what I thought was the next room. When I opened my eyes, I thought I the lights had been destroyed or something. I rubbed my eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness. I heard a loud clang from behind me. Turning, I swore I had heard laughter. It wasn’t a laugh I recognized. But oddly enough, it sounded like mine. “Well well well. Look who we have here. Martin Petrov. Bodil40. The Troll King.” I voice rang out the room. I shivered when the voice said my real name. Hardly anyone knows my real name, especially my last name. I squinted, trying to see who was in the room with me, but saw no one. “Who are you and h-how do you know my name?” I called out drawing the iron sword I had on my belt. “Believe me Martin. I know more about you then anyone with in Minecraftia!” I wish he would stop saying my name...I thought, getting into a fighting stance. My eyes darted around the room, searching for the owner of the voice. I saw no one, but I could hear him. I took off my shades, hoping that the darkness would lift some, but instead I saw two white eyes staring at me. I shook my head and looked again. They were gone. I sighed and turned around. “Boo.” The owner of the white eyes said. I jumped back and crashed into a quartz pillar. Hard. I reached back to my head and felt it slightly damp. I didn’t think I hit my head that hard. I looked up to see Herobrine looking down upon me. He knelt down and gripped my leg, squeezing it tight enough to break it. I cried out in pain. “W-what do you want?” I asked, wincing slightly. “I only want one little thing.” “And that would be what exactly?” “All I want is to simply be you for a few days. Get to troll others and get to know everyone.” He said with a cheesy grin. I tried not to believe him, but it was hard to do so. He made it sound so convincing. Then again, he is the exact same traits of Notch. Easily cunning and eager to fight. “You want to be like me? Why would you want that?” I asked. “You are the Troll King Martin. I wanna know what it feels like to troll others. All you have to do is say the word.” His white eyes had a red tint to them. Now and then, they would flickr a spiraling pattern. He was hypnotizing me. Fighting my will, I struggled to say no. “N-n-n....” I major feeling washed over me. “Nygh...y-y-yes.” I stammered. He grinned. He let go of my leg and stood. It felt as if my leg was on fire. No doubt it was broken. Herobrine reached into his pocket and pulled out a needle. He grabbed my arm and stabbed it into me. I flinched as he drew blood. When he was done, he stabbed himself and threw the vial at the wall, smashing it into a million peices. In mere seconds and a cloud of smoke, he looked just like me. He grabbed my arms and threw me against the wall. I laid among the broken pieces of glass. “Y-you’ll never get away with this Herobrine. My friends will see through your fake disguise.” I said weakly. “Oh I believe I already did get away with it. And I think I make a pretty decent you.” He said clearing his throat. “Besides, while I go out and have some fun, you’ll lay here and rot like the little bastard you are.” Herobrine said in a perfect imitation of me. I could feel my eyelids growing heavier. Herobrine smiled and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I could tell that I was growing weaker from each passing second. It was like falling into a deep sleep. But before I passed out, I knew I had to stop Herobrine from killing my friends. And with that note in mind, I slipped into darkness.
A Bodil666 story is indeed at hand guys. Just something I wanted to work on while 2015 is taking a writers block break.
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